Strategic Planning icon

Governments, regional economic development agencies, Indigenous organizations, communities and industry associations have trusted ATN to develop their strategic plans to guide their forward actions and investments. Our team of skilled facilitators brings a proprietary approach to strategic planning including multi-channel community and stakeholder engagement to ensure wide input and plan buy-in.

Inclusive Economic & Population Growth Plans icon

Unfavourable demography in Atlantic Canada underscores the importance of linking economic development, population growth and workforce strategy in ways that creates welcoming, inclusive and prosperous communities.

ATN has worked with many municipalities and regional economic development agencies in developing evidence-based inclusive growth plans focused on achieving social, economic and environmental success – for everyone.

Our skills in facilitating engagement, using collaboration platforms in person or virtually and conducting qualitative and quantitative research differentiate ATN-created plans. Our expertise in ESG planning and reporting is seen as an important element of our value proposition.

Health Transformation Support icon

ATN’s talented team has extensive experience in strategy development and engagement planning to support health system redesign and transformation. System and organizational change is driven by our extensive knowledge and thought leadership on contemporary health policy including inclusive growth, equity, diversity and working with underrepresented groups.

Our network of collaborators encompasses both public and private health care providers, industry partners and professional organizations working together to improve access and delivery of health care services.

Renewable Energy Development Including Green Hydrogen icon

ATN has completed a number of assignments for organizations in and related to renewable energy development. We have completed forecasting and planning activities for large-scale energy production and storage facilities as well as efforts to secure financing.

Fisheries & Aquaculture icon

ATN has established deep connectivity to local fisheries and aquaculture organizations and associations, including First Nations fisheries across Atlantic Canada. We work with all levels of government to facilitate economic development initiatives and support strategic partnerships that work to strengthen agreement and advance sustainability within the sectors.

Legislative, Regulatory & Policy Analysis/Development icon

With a team that has deep knowledge of the public sector, including at the most senior levels, the ATN team brings a wealth of experience in thorough and responsive legislative, regulatory and policy review. 

These are often areas that are publicly highly charged and around which there are a diversity of opinions. This skill in navigating the issues management and communication elements of these complex assignments, while offering solutions to challenging issues, is a company strength.

Program Evaluation & Monitoring icon

Our team includes seasoned evaluators, including a credentialed evaluator, that bring a strong innovation quotient to program evaluation, identifying key performance indicators and developing logic models and monitoring frameworks.

Labour Market, Workforce Strategy & Sector-Specific Analysis icon

Employers broadly are experiencing unprecedented disruption caused by demographic challenges and technological change that are driving skill shortages across all sectors.

Our labour market team is expert at the development of successful, multi-faceted workforce strategies across these diverse sectors.

Using multi-media and the design of innovative tool kits we help our clients navigate this significant challenge – one expected to become even more acute in an ever-changing future.

Multi-Channel Engagement & Communications icon

ATN has diverse experience in stakeholder outreach and engagement and the ability to utilize a variety of outreach and engagement methods including multi-channel engagement.

ATN tools and techniques are equally adaptable to virtual or in person environments. We use these tools to optimize participation and draw feedback within a high interest and motivational context for workshop participants. Our engagement tool kit includes bi-lateral key informant interviews, focus groups, design and deployment of online surveys and use of digital tools and collaboration platforms providing an array of accessibility options.